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Ebook Deal of the Day | June 28, 2017

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Book 3

Love is Purple (Appleby Book 3) by Alyssia Leon

June 15, 2017 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $3.99

He’s a wealthy barrister and lord of his own English manor, but Marc Lewis desperately needs a wife. A duchess or countess will do but a simple village girl will not.
Read More

Sassy Ever After: Sass in the City (Kindle Worlds Novella)(Catamount Shifters Book 3) by Marianne Morea

May 16, 2017 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $1.99

“Do you still believe things are meant to be?”
Her eyes found his. “Not so much anymore.”
“I didn’t either, until now.” Read More

The Vampire’s Shy Lover (The Virgin Vampire Series Book 3) by K. Matthew

March 9, 2017 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $2.99

Annabel’s Master introduces her to a lesson in ‘seduce and kill’ by bringing home sexy scholar Samuel. Read More

The Case Of The Disappearing Corpses: Inspector Cullot Mystery Series Book 3 by Alan Hardy

October 13, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $0.99

Another puzzling, fiendishly complicated mystery for Inspector Cullot and his world-famous Team to solve… Read More

Kiss and Tell (Coastal College Players Book 3) by Celia Stratford

May 5, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn:

Sometimes, the deepest truths go unspoken. Read More

Bound to her Alien (Mated Lichtens Book 3) by Ally Enne

April 30, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn:

When Addison loses her job, she takes it out on Quar, a hot, muscular alpha alien who has recently immigrated into the United States. Read More

Storm Chaser (City Shifters: the Pride Book 3) by Layla Nash

April 22, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $2.99

Sophia Frazier only fights for money. With her life before age twelve a complete blank, the search for her identity and family carries a hefty price tag. Read More

Play Me to Infinity (The Broken Men Chronicles Book 3) by Carey Decevito

March 30, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: $2.51

It’s all about misconceptions…

Burned by his ex-fiancée, Mike Withers traded in his dream of a family and home of his own, complete with the white picket fence, and submersed himself in work. And entertaining the occasional lady. Read More

Fated to her Alien (Destined Arterians Book 3) by Ally Enne

March 11, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn:

All Maria wanted to do was live her quiet, peaceful life while she climbed the ladder of success toward a promotion. Read More