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Contemporary Romance

Hot, married, honeymoon sex!But first, they must find one another…Kinsey is a young artist with a romantic heart and a big dream. She dreams of finding her soul mate, a man to whom she can give her art and her body - forever.Tanner is a man of undiscovered talents. He’s the dream of every girl he meets - but he dreams of the girl he can love back -the girl that he can love, honor and cherish - forever.After years of each searching - they meet and fall in love on a beautiful white beach as the sun sets behind them. They plan to spend the coming night and every day and every night that follows - together. But before the night is over and the sun has risen from the sea they will have lost one another - perhaps forever.The Naked Sunset is a love story where hearts must wait and souls must search - always hoping - but never knowing, if fate will provide another chance to come together and stay together - this time, perhaps, forever.