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SciFi, Dystopian

Hunger. Terror. Survival.Once bitten, the infection consumes your body, and the mind is reduced to nothing more than impulses directing you to do one thing… feed.Military veteran, Mike, is infected but hasn’t turned yet. His grip on reality and any control of his body is fading with every minute. The notion of never touching his beloved wife Becky again haunts his every thought. Caught in a never-ending underground labyrinth Mike and his fellow captive’s race against time to find the cure and escape the horde of undead before it’s too late.Patient Zero is an exhilarating dark zombie action adventure that will send chills down your spine and leave you begging for more.Interview with the AuthorQ – So, what makes the Afflicted series so special? A – It’s really a blended mixture of things I’ve wanted to see in a science fiction / horror novel for some time. I love reading zombie books and wanted to write something with a different twist. I didn’t want to do another you get bit and turn type of book. I wanted to add in the “What if’s” to get the reader engaged and make them think of the disturbing possibilities.Q - What made you decide to give Patient Zero away free? A – I really enjoyed writing Patient Zero and wanted to gift it to everyone who likes the science fiction and horror genre's. It’s a good feeling knowing that people are reading and enjoying my work.Plus, I’ve included some something special inside the book.Q - What order should I read the books in?A – The Afflicted series can be read in any order, but I'd suggest the following sequence:- Afflicted: Genesis (prequel) - Afflicted: Patient Zero- Afflicted: Rip Tide- Afflicted: Dead ReckoningQ – Why should readers give the Afflicted series a try? A – Because the Afflicted series is a dark action conspiracy thriller from the start of the first page. Readers who like fast paced vengeful thrillers and lots of mystery will enjoy the books.Thanks for reading!